I am the founder and principal of Bootstrap Capital LLC, a California Registered Investment Advisor. At Bootstrap Capital I focus on Financial Planning and Investment Management for professionals and families. I am passionate about helping people grow their wealth. Early on, I observed that the mainstream financial industry focused on helping people with wealth manage it. But there were very few firms that help people grow their wealth in the first place. That led me to start my own company. 

I leveraged a long corporate career to develop a rewarding practice that directly impacts my clients lives. I understand their challenges well because I was a corporate professional for sixteen years. I understand the financial and quality of life tradeoffs demanded by a professional career. 

I provide a customer centered and personal approach to managing a client's financial life. I work with clients to understand their life goals and values. We develop a holistic plan to manage their finances that fits with the way they want to live their life. I believe I bring a passion to my work that stems from my entrepreneurial spirit. I created a firm  rooted in my personal vision of wealth building and financial management. If you are interested in learning more about me or Bootstrap Capital, don't hesitate to contact me.