My name is Chad Nehring. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and a partner at Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor located in Appleton, WI. 

I am also founder of, an online financial planning service designed for those using a financial planner for the first time, and looking to "Get on Track". You can find more information at    .

I specialize in providing understandable, common sense financial planning guidance to families, done in an unbiased and independent fashion. I believe that no two families' financial situations are alike, and one's value system is a big determiner in how their finances are handled. 

I enjoy speaking and teaching, and doing so in an engaging fashion that employs humor...yes this is possible in finance! 

I've been featured in many news outlets, including online at MSNBC, Registerd Rep magazine,, and local television and radio.

In my spare time, I enjoy being a tech-geek and spending time in the Northwoods, either camping or snowmobiling.