The focus of our company is to assist our clients in their efforts to realize fair and balanced medical coverage.  

We offer experience in excess of thirty years in healthcare management as a billing coordinator,  practice manager, practice administrator, consultant, healthcare insurance auditor, and medical bill advocacy working for physicians, and hospitals, as well as, teaching medical billing and coding at a local vocational school. 

With the uncertainty or misunderstandings of the affordable healthcare act and the rising costs of healthcare premiums, deductibles and co-insurance, consumers are finding themselves struggling to navigate the complexity of the system.

Hudson Valley Medical Bill Advocates provides a comprehensive analysis of your medical bills to identify errors and overcharges.  We verify your insurance has paid correctly according to your policy. 

Our coders and auditors are single specialty and certified by AAPC, RCCB, AHIMA and/or ACMCS. 

We never charge a fee for our services if we don’t save you money!