Clarisa Odell has worked in the medical insurance field since 1987. She has extensive experience with all aspects of medical claims processing having worked on claims billing systems, authorizations for physician services and complex claims issues for individuals.

Since founding ClaimsRelief Solutions™ in 1999, Clarisa has provided medical claims services to over 300 individuals. She has published articles and taught seminars on managing medical claims for many years. For individuals who wish to manage their own medical insurance claims, she had provide training and tools that explain:

How to understand insurance policy coverage

How to audit and track medical claims paperwork

How to develop a course of action for unpaid claims

How to maintain important contact information

How to organize important insurance documentation

For individuals with complex and hard to resolve medical claims issues, I provide the following services:

Review and interpret all current insurance policy coverage

Secure appropriate authorizations from physicians and care providers

Work directly with all insurance carriers

Clarisa has formal training in Medicare and private insurance claims processing and earned a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature from The University of California at Berkeley.