I facilitate client decision making with the goal of increasing my client’s control over their finances and their life in general. With my M.Ed. in counseling I focus on helping clients focus on clarifying their thoughts about present and future goals, developing an appropriate framework to make the best decisions possible. The only guarantee I make in regard to planning is that things will change. If that is the case then the advisory relationship becomes a tool to help adjust to those changes.

i offer investment management as well as financial planning. I use a passive indexing asset allocation model with individual portfolios. I consider myself a fixed income expert and make extensive use of individual bonds in my client portfolios.

I teach in the executive certificate in financial planning program at San Francisco State College of Extended Learning. Previous to SF State I taught in a similar program and UC Berkeley Extended Learning. I developed and taught with a psychotherapist partner, a class called “Counseling Skills for Financial Services Professionals”. I also teach at different venues in the SF Bay Area including pro bono work for the Hebrew Free Loan Association.

Life planning is a natural extension of my financial planning work. I often say to clients that there is no part of life that does not have something to do with finances or money. What this means is that career planning, family planning, generational issues, relocation decisions are included in the decisions we review in our meetings. These topics are in addition to the traditional issues of spending/budgeting, risk management, retirement planning, educational savings, estate planning, employee benefits, employee stock options/RSU and deferred compensation, investment management, rental real estate and alternative investing. Basically I recommend that my clients contact me before making major decisions.