Advisor Background:

John H. Robinson (J.R.) is the founder and owner of Financial Planning Hawaii and the co-founder of Nest Egg Guru, an intuitive application for stress testing retirement savings and spending strategies. He holds a degree in Economics from Williams College and has been a financial advisor since 1989. Research papers he has written have appeared in numerous peer-reviewed academic and professional journals. Papers he co-authored on retirement income sustainability won the 2008 and 2010 Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards and International Foundation for Retirement Education Best Paper awards, respectively. J.R.'s insights and editorial commentary frequently appear in the national financial news media.  (See also Qualifications & Experience )

A complete listing of J.R.'s original research publications and op-ed pieces may be seen on his LinkedIn Profile.

Financial Planning Approach and Philosophy
While most advisors equate financial planning with investing, J.R. helps people address ALL aspects of their financial lives.  In fact, over the past 25 years he has found that the costliest mistakes people make often have little to do with picking the wrong stock, bond, or mutual fund and everything to do with errors, oversights, and a lack of knowledge of arcane rules pertaining to tax and estate planning, asset registration, and insurance risk management.  [See J.R. explain his approach and philosophy on Youtube]

At Financial Planning Hawaii, J.R. provides all clients with a framework for organizing, centralizing, maintaining, and monitoring their entire financial plans.  In doing so, he spends an enormous amount of time getting to know them and gathering and reviewing relevant documents, such as beneficiary designations, estate planning documents, investment statements, property ownership records, employee benefits statements, insurance policies, etc.  Being obsessed with the details of his clients’ financial lives enables him to frequently catch major potential miscues and oversights. 

Sweating the small stuff is one of the most valuable benefits of working with J.R. and is a big part of what sets his practice apart. (See  Minding the Small Details of a Financial Review , Wall Street Journal 12/13/2013)