Maclendon Wealth Management is a boutique multi-family
office built on a foundation of traditional values, sophisticated knowledge and
custom-tailored solutions. We cater to successful, affluent individuals,
families and businesses that have an entrepreneurial mindset and are looking
for a dedicated team and exceptional wealth management services.

We offer those we serve unparalleled, uncompromised advice
with exceptional personal service in a family office environment. Because
our team shares an entrepreneurial outlook with our clients, we have the drive
and focus we need to meet their unique needs. In addition to offering a full
menu of traditional wealth management services, we also provide more
specialized offerings, including non-traditional and alternative investments,
venture capital, hedge funds, concierge services and business planning services.
Whether we are assisting with retirement planning or advising on investing in a
new business, we have an unwavering commitment to meeting the goals of our
clients, who we see as true members of our family.

As a boutique firm, we provide each of our members with the full complement of education, experience and wisdom of our hand-picked team of professionals.
As an independent firm, we provide personalized investment advice uncompromised by the demands of Wall Street or a big corporation.
As a family-based firm, we provide our members with the high touch service and commitment found in relationships built to last.

When you decide to work with Maclendon Wealth Management, you’re not just hiring a financial advisor. You’re hiring an entire team of financial professionals.
Through our OneTeam™ approach, we deliver the very best possible advice to each Maclendon member. Unlike traditional financial planning and wealth management models, where just one person handles all your financial
concerns, we are able to offer our members professional guidance on a broad
range of wealth management issues. Each Maclendon professional has a clearly defined role that fits with his or her unique strengths—including wealth management, portfolio management, alternative investments and tax management—and which complement the strengths of the rest of the team. This allows us to work together efficiently and deliver the results you need. You receive seamless, personalized attention each step of the way.