OMG operates on the principle of Simple, Transparent and Fun. We strive to make a fairly complex web of topics easily understandable for anyone. We provide guidance for a variety of investments and protections while having no ties whatsoever to any of them. We do not partner with nor receive consideration from any other financial or insurance firms. We do not charge commission. We do not charge account-size based asset management fees. Our cost is hourly in the same way as a CPA or attorney might charge. In addition, we offer discounts to customers who can show they’ve donated to certain charities, are keeping fitness goals, reducing their carbon footprint, setting good habits (including but not just financial), and maybe other things. We focus on patience and reaching goals rather than day-to-day performance. We allow customers to keep their assets where they currently reside rather than moving them into our firm, instead just aggregating the assets where they are so we can provide a customized plan. We conduct visual meetings anywhere using screen-sharing technology and will host 3-way calls with the customer and the call center at one of their product providers to make certain that the customer’s need is addressed. Finally, we make it all fun. Our legal documents are plain English and not “legalese” - they’re actually worth reading!