Lisa Berry Blackstock, based in the Los Angeles area, is engaged nationally as a patient healthcare advocate, life care planner, app author (Dependable Doc (C) "the patient push-back app;" see website for details and app store links) and mentor to her peers.  Lisa's mission is to assist her clients with information and autonomy when it comes to healthcare issues, preventive as well as presenting.  She is a published author, workshop presenter/speaker, and hands-on patient advocate.  Over 27 years of experience dealing with physicians, hospitals, medical insurance, and estate planning has resulted in Lisa's wealth of knowledge assisting individuals with successful strategies when navigating our healthcare system and remaining as financially and emotionally protected as possible.  Understanding the emotional and practical needs of patients and their loved ones has resulted in a successful brand, Soul Sherpa (R) whose goal is to add to the quality of life and well-being of all clients, despite the physical and emotional health challenges everyone is forced to face at some point in life.  Whether one's concerns are proactive or the need to address a healthcare issue already presented, Lisa is an experienced patient advocate in all realms involving physician care, medication management, safe hospital discharge, medical insurance policy and billing issues, maintaining quality of life, and, in the event of a terminal diagnosis, a certified palliative care specialist and grief and bereavement counselor.