My goal is to keep you at the center of the treatment process: informed, empowered, and confident that the care you’re receiving is right for you. As an independent health advocate, I work exclusively for you—not for a health system, hospital, or insurance company–to help you obtain the care you need.

Your healthcare should be aligned with your needs, goals, values, and financial means. As your ally and advisor, I will guide and support you in making informed decisions. Tree of Life is at your side during routine outpatient visits, hospitalizations, and when you have a medical emergency and need help most.

Our broad scope of personalized services is designed to meet your immediate and long-term needs, including:

Understanding a new diagnosis or treatment plan
Finding the right doctor or second opinion
Helping you communicate with your healthcare and insurance providers
Identifying clinical trials
Staying safe in the hospital
Identifying appropriate and health insurance
Creating or updating your advance care directive
Avoiding premature discharge from a skilled nursing facility

Professional Experience
25 years of advocacy experience with clients living with acute, chronic, and rare illnesses
Medical school faculty member
Consultant to the FDA
Expert on breast cancer, long-term care, clinical trials, Obamacare, and end-of-life issues
Active in professional organizations locally and nationally

Education and Training
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Certificate in Patient Advocacy, UCLA
Postdoctoral fellowship, Stanford University
Fellowship in Bioethics, UCSF

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I also work with clients throughout the country via telephone and videoconference.

If you have a health challenge, I want to be your health advocate! Call me today for a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation.