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NerdWallet is committed to helping people lead better lives through financial education and empowerment. These are our partners in that mission.

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Institutional Investors

  • Institutional Venture Partners
  • RRE Ventures
  • iglobe partners

Investors & Advisors

  • Jules Maltz
    Jules Maltz Board of Directors IVP
  • Tom Loverro
    Tom Loverro Board of Directors IVP
  • Simon Williams
    Simon Williams Board of Directors Camelot
  • Soo Boon Koh
    Soo Boon Koh Board Observer iGlobe
  • James D. Robinson III
    James D. Robinson III Advisor RRE Ventures
  • Vikram Pandit
    Vikram Pandit Advisor
  • Arjan Schütte
    Arjan Schütte Advisor
  • David Henke
    David Henke Advisor
  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee
  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee
  • Dharmesh Thakker
    Dharmesh Thakker
  • Emilie Choi
    Emilie Choi
  • Eric Bahn
    Eric Bahn
  • Gary Swart
    Gary Swart
  • Joe Montana
    Joe Montana
  • Josh Tonderys
    Josh Tonderys
  • Mike Grishaver
    Mike Grishaver
  • Mike Periu
    Mike Periu
  • Parker Barrile
    Parker Barrile
  • Raymie Stata
    Raymie Stata
  • Richard Jun
    Richard Jun
  • Ryan Roslansky
    Ryan Roslansky
  • Scott Roberts
    Scott Roberts
  • Sean Black
    Sean Black
  • Shirshanka Das
    Shirshanka Das
  • Sumir Meghani
    Sumir Meghani