Earn cash back where you’re already spending.

Now as a NerdWallet member, you can earn up to 10% cash back at the places you love — with the card you already carry.

It's easy to earn extra cash back

Add your cards

Connect eligible cards to your NerdWallet account in just minutes — all for free.

Shop thousands of deals

Tap into the best deals and offers at participating stores and restaurants.

Get paid automatically

You do nothing. Your cash back arrives as a statement credit to your credit card bill.

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    Watch the money roll in

    Your cash back automatically appears as a statement credit to your credit card bill. To make things even easier, you only have to earn $10 before the credit is initiated. It’s like autopilot for cash back.

  • Double down on rewards

    Combine the benefits of your current card with the power of NerdWallet to supersize your cash back. You’ll still earn everything your current card offers — whether it’s miles, cash back or another perk — plus an additional 2-10% cash back when you shop at participating stores.

Get more from your credit cards

Start earning more cash back by connecting your debit and credit cards to NerdWallet.

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