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Get out of debt faster while paying less.

Learn how you can save big by using a balance transfer card.

Use the right tools for the job

Credit card debt stings. The good news, however, is there’s a way to pay it down with less money in a shorter time. How? By moving your debt to a balance transfer card, which is a credit card that offers a lengthy 0% interest period. Unlike an everyday credit card (which charges interest on balances you carry from month to month), balance transfer cards give you time to pay down debt while preventing interest charges from stacking up.

Take advantage of introductory 0% APRs

When you’re paying down debt, interest rates matter – a lot. For example, compare the differences between paying down a $10,000 debt on an 18% APR card and a 0% balance transfer card. Using the balance transfer card could save you around $1,431, even after paying a transfer fee of $300. Want to save even more? Sign up for a card that doesn’t charge a transfer fee. As a heads up, the amount you may qualify to transfer and save depends on a variety of factors including your credit worthiness.

A balance transfer card can save over $1,000
Total savings:
Financial savings:
Pay off debt faster by:

How to choose the right balance transfer card

Know the fees
Know the fees
Make sure you factor in the balance transfer fee (typically 3% to 5%) when choosing a card.
Avoid paying interest
Avoid paying interest
To get the most savings, aim to pay off your debt before interest kicks in.
Use a different provider
Use a different provider
You can’t transfer balances between cards from the same issuer. So be sure to apply to a different issuer.

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