Get up to 5% cash back and pay 0% interest until nearly 2026 with Discover It Cash Back
The robust rewards and benefits on the Discover it® Cash Back make it one of the most valuable everyday cash-back cards available. In addition to offering 5% back on rotating categories, this card has a 15-month 0% intro APR offer, and will match your cash back at the end of your first year, doubling your rewards.
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Key perks of this card
  • 5% cash back on rotating bonus categories
  • Intro offer: Discover will automatically match all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year!
  • No annual fee
  • 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers
Discover it® Cash Back Overview
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5% cash back: There aren’t very many cards that come with no annual fee and earn 5% cash back in bonus categories. The 5% cash back categories rotate each month and include shopping staples like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and more.
If you max out your rewards on the 5% bonus categories, you’d earn $300 in bonus cash back, plus 1% back on every other purchase. If you’re savvy with your shopping and card use, you’ll find this card extremely rewarding.
The 15-month introductory 0% APR period: After you open your account, you have 15 months of 0% APR on both purchases and balance transfers, with balance transfer fees that are standard compared to other cards (3-5%). If you have large purchases planned or want to transfer a balance from another card, this is an especially valuable perk.
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For the best chance of getting approved for this card, you’ll want to have a credit score of 690-850 (Good to Excellent.)

Discover bonus rewards categories for 2024
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(Jan. 1 - March 31)
  • Restaurants.
    • Drugstores.
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(April 1 - June 30)
  • Gas stations/EV charging stations.
    • Home improvement stores.
      • Public transit.
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(July 1 - Sept. 30)
  • Grocery stores.
    • Walmart.
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(Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)
  • TBD (In 2023: Amazon, Target).

How to get at least $1,000 in value from this card
Between the bonus cash back categories, intro cash back match offer, and other rewards, you can get $1,000 or more in value during your first year with this card, depending on your spending. Here’s how:

  • Earn up to $300 cash back by spending in the 5% bonus categories. If you pay attention to the bonus categories and max out those rewards, you’ll earn $300 in cash back.
  • Get an additional 1% cash back on your other spending. Based on the average American household spending (Source), you could earn $200 or more in cash back if you do most of your spending using this card.
  • Get your cash back doubled at the end of your first year. Once you’ve reached your first 12 months as a cardholder, your intro offer bonus will kick in and Discover will double your cash back. If you’ve received $500 in cash back, that would be another $500 for $1,000 total!
The bottom line

If you don't mind keeping track of the bonus categories, this card is a winner as an everyday card or as part of a multicard rewards-maximizing strategy.

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Get up to 5% cash back on select categories, plus double your cash back at the end of your first year.


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