Life Insurance for Couples

When you're building your life with someone else, the foundation that the two of you are laying may need protecting, especially if you rely on each other financially. For couples, life insurance can help.
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Life insurance provides those who depend on you financially with an important safety net.

Why should couples get life insurance?

Here are some reasons to consider life insurance when you’re a couple.
  • Your expenses may increase as a couple
  • Your spouse may be responsible for your debts

Life insurance options for couples

Once you’ve decided to buy a policy, the question becomes what kind of coverage to buy and how much life insurance you need. Your decision generally depends on what financial obligations you want to cover, how long those obligations last and how much you want to spend.
Before you buy, shop around and get life insurance quotes from different providers. In general, term life insurance is sufficient for most families. Your personal life and financial situation may change over time, so having your own coverage is often the best choice.

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