Really get to know your money.

Get a complete view of your income, bills and transactions in one place. NerdWallet helps you know how much you have — and exactly how you’re spending it.

Effortlessly track your finances

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    Easily see where you stand

    We factor in all your income and expenses — from your paycheck to your electricity bill — so you can see what’s left to spend or save.

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    Know where your money is going

    Stop sneaky subscription charges and takeout habits from eating into your vacation savings. We’ll never judge your daily latte, but we will help you spot the trends and surface where you spend the most.

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    Chart your monthly progress

    See how your spending compares to last month’s. Handy charts help plot your progress so it’s simple to know when to cut back and when to spend.

Get more as a NerdWallet member

Stay on top of your credit

Check your score, monitor changes and get to know the factors that influence your credit so you can build it over time.

Get extra cash in your pocket

Earn 2-10% extra cash back with NerdWallet. Just link your cards, browse thousands of deals and make a purchase. You'll get your cash back automatically.

See curated picks just for you

Compare and shop better financial products and personalized offers to make sure your money is working hardest for you.

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Your security. Our priority.

We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing all your data is protected with 128-bit encryption. Learn more.

Make all the right money moves

Spending insights are just the beginning. By joining the millions of NerdWallet members, you can also track your credit score, maximize credit card rewards, earn extra cash back, uncover smart ways to save and more — all for free.