Hippo Homeowners Insurance Review 2024

Hippo is not currently selling new home insurance policies through its website.
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Editor’s note: Hippo is not currently selling new homeowners insurance policies through its website. If you try to get a quote for a new policy, Hippo will send you to one of its third-party partners. However, it is continuing to serve its existing policyholders and selling a limited number of policies on newly constructed homes through its Hippo Builder Insurance Agency.

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State availability

Hippo is not generally selling new homeowners policies, but it can match you with a third-party insurer in many states.

Availability may change at any time. Coverage may not be available to all homeowners in a given state.

Consumer complaints

One of Hippo’s main underwriters, Spinnaker, received more than the expected number of home insurance complaints to state regulators relative to its size, according to three years’ worth of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. (NAIC home insurance complaints also cover other home policy types, including mobile home, renters and condo insurance.) Hippo also sells policies from other partners.

Consumer experience

Website: Hippo’s website can provide you with home insurance quotes from third-party partners. It also has articles outlining the basics of homeowners insurance and how it works.

App: You can use the Hippo app to contact customer service, review coverage and manage your policy. It also offers advice and checklists to help you with home maintenance. You can even have a video call with a Hippo Home Care expert.

Claims: You can file a claim online or by phone. A representative will guide you through the claims process, including booking temporary housing if needed. Learn more about how to file a home insurance claim.

Customer service: Hippo provides customer support through live chat, email and telephone.

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Get home insurance quotes in minutes
Answer a few questions to see custom quotes and find the right policy for you.

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