Connor Campbell

Connor is a writer and spokesperson for NerdWallet. Previously at Spreadex, his market commentary has been quoted in the likes of the BBC, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Reuters and The Independent.

Articles by Connor Campbell:
  • Gambling debt: How to stop gambling and clear debt

    Gambling debt is the money owed as the result of gambling activity - that could be to a specific gambling provider, or to creditors used to fund your betting. The severity of your debt may require you to stop gambling and seek help. Learn what steps you can take to stop gambling and clear your debt.

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  • Gambling self-exclusion: how to get gambling help

    One of the best tools for getting gambling help is self-exclusion. By self-excluding, you will be prevented from accessing your online betting accounts for up to 5 years. Below we look at ways to manage your gambling problem, and how to self-exclude from both online providers and betting shops.

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  • How to block gambling sites

    Gambling site blockers can be installed onto your personal computer, or downloaded as apps on your smartphone or tablet. They prevent access to gambling sites, and can act as a crucial part of a wider strategy to overcome compulsive gambling. Below we detail some of the most notable site blockers.

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