Kristina Fox

Kristina is a writer at NerdWallet. A recent Oxford University graduate trading French for finance, she has experience creating content for student newspaper Cherwell and an edtech company.

Articles by Kristina Fox:
  • Gen Z: Are You Ready to Start Investing?

    With many mobile apps and trading platforms to choose from, it has never been easier to start investing. We look at how Gen Zers are making investment decisions and whether it is too easy to be influenced by social media platforms, such as Reddit and TikTok.

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  • Money Worries and Mental Health at Christmas

    Christmas is a tough time for many people, and financial worries can stop you from enjoying the festivities. Find out about the effects that the festive period can have on your finances and your mental health, as well as ways you can combat the stress of the season.

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  • Gen Z: Time to Tackle your Top Financial Worries

    Faced with a precarious future, fighting climate change and rallying for racial equality, Generation Z is a disruptive force in today’s society. These young people long for financial stability in an uncertain world, and their values drive their financial decisions.

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  • Can You Trust Financial Influencers for Advice?

    Social media influencers use their platforms to promote everything from new beauty products to financial services. Their audiences are often young, impressionable and eager for advice on managing their money. We explore the realities of using social media influencers as a financial advice source.

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  • Generation Z and Financial Literacy

    Generation Z are making their first foray into the financial world, deciding on everything from investments to savings. Being financially literate is key to making these decisions comfortably and confidently. Read on to find out why Gen Z should be especially aware.

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