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    Legal fees and compensation payments if you make a mistake in your work and a client suffers a financial loss.

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    Cover for legal fees and compensation payments if you make a mistake in your work and a client suffers a financial loss.

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Information written by Kristina Fox Last updated on 09 August 2022.

Allianz Insurance is part of the Allianz group, which has more than 100 million customers from around the world. Founded in Germany in 1890, Allianz has been active for more than 130 years.

The company provides insurance products to both business and personal customers. It has teams based in the UK to help if you need to make a claim on your business insurance policy, and also offers risk management advice.

If you want to find out more about what Allianz offers when it comes to business insurance, you can read our overview below.

What is Allianz business insurance?

Allianz business insurance includes a range of cover options, which can be selected to create a tailor-made business insurance package to suit your business.

When looking at business insurance, you can choose which policies you want to take out based on what is most suitable for your specific circumstances.

For example, if you’re an employer, it’s likely that you need employers’ liability insurance. Or if you deal with members of the public, you may want to consider public liability insurance.

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What types of business insurance does Allianz include?

Allianz Insurance currently offers the following types of business insurance:

  • Buildings insurance and contents insurance: This can cover the cost or repairs or replacements if your place of work or goods are damaged, stolen or destroyed.
  • Business vehicle insurance, including business car insurance: You need motor insurance to drive any vehicle on UK roads, and extra cover if you use your vehicle for business purposes.
  • Business interruption insurance: If you can’t operate your business due to an event such as a flood, storm or fire, this could cover financial losses such as lost income.
  • Employers’ liability insurance: This can cover compensation costs and legal fees if an employee is injured, falls ill or dies while doing work for you.
  • Public liability insurance: This can pay out if a member of the public is injured, becomes ill or dies, or their property is lost or damaged because of your business activities.
  • Product liability insurance: If someone is injured, or if their property is damaged by a product you designed, made, supplied, sold or gave away for free, this can pay out compensation and legal costs.
  • Professional indemnity insurance: If you offer advice as part of your job, you may consider this cover in case a customer accuses you of professional negligence.
  • Directors and officers insurance: This covers claims made against directors or other managers for issues, such as negligence, errors and breaches of duty.

In addition to the above insurance options, Allianz offers legal insurance which can help cover legal fees when making a claim in court, or costs incurred when a court claim is unsuccessful.

It also offers more specialised services for certain industries. For more information, you can look at the Allianz website or talk to an insurance broker.

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How to get a business insurance policy from Allianz

Allianz business insurance policies are only available to buy through an insurance broker.

Insurance brokers are required to be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can find a list of UK brokers on the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) website.

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How much does Allianz business insurance cost?

The cost of business insurance varies depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • the size of your business
  • where your business is located
  • how much cover – and which types – you choose to include in your policy
  • the risks associated with your business
  • your usual business activities

To find out how much an Allianz insurance policy could cost for your business, you can get a personalised quote from a business insurance broker.

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What professions does Allianz cover?

Allianz Insurance offers policies designed for professions and businesses such as:

If you want to know whether Allianz can insure your business, you should talk to a business insurance broker who can give you more details.

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Allianz Business Insurance FAQs

Where is Allianz based?

Allianz’s main headquarters is located in Munich, Germany. It also has offices in many countries around the world.

What kind of insurance does Allianz offer?

Allianz offers personal and business insurance. Business insurance options include public liability, professional indemnity and business vehicle insurance, among others.

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