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Last updated on 10 May 2021.

Newable Commercial Mortgages FAQ

What is Newable?

Newable is a commercial finance broker, offering lending facilities including commercial mortgages, bridging loans, as well as residential mortgages, plus a range of other products for those wishing to enter the property market. It does so, with access to over 100 lenders across the UK, each offering a variety of rates and loan sizes.

What is a commercial mortgage?

Commercial mortgages are tailored towards businesses, which may seek to borrow to purchase property or remortgage, to raise cash for investing for other purposes. By contrast, a residential mortgage is aimed at private individuals seeking to purchase a property to live in. One comparison between the two types of mortgage is that commercial mortgages are not generic off-the-shelf deals, as they must be tailored to match the business which seeks them.

What are the criteria for a commercial mortgage?

Lenders such as Newable often require information revealing how profitable your business is. This helps them assess how affordable a mortgage will be. As commercial mortgage terms can last a number of years, having healthy sustainable cashflow can help improve your chances of approval. Existing debts are also of interest to lenders, as this helps build a picture of how your business can manage its finances.

Will the property affect the commercial mortgage application?

Property itself matters a great deal, when a lender receives your commercial mortgage application. The provider will be keen to assess the property to see what it may be used for, how reliable the tenants will be and what alternate uses a property may have.

What rates can Newable offer on commercial mortgages?

Commercial mortgage rates can start from 3%, according to Newable’s own commercial mortgage page on the official website.

What term lengths can Newable offer my business?

Term lengths on commercial loans brokered through Newable can range between just a year to as long as 30 years, spanning a wide range of required lengths for businesses both big and small.

Is Newable a reliable broker?

Newable is FCA-regulated. This is a sign that Newable abides by the necessary regulations expected of a reliable broker working to provide finance to businesses.

Who will help facilitate securing the mortgage?

Newable will provide an experienced advisor to oversee your mortgage application, with the necessary skills to help secure a speedy approval on your behalf.

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