Current Accounts Hub

Banking is an integral part of modern life - but there's a lot more to it than cash cards and overdrafts. Our banking hub covers information on personal and business banking services to help you make the right financial decisions.

More about current accounts

A current account is what you might call an everyday bank account. It's best used to hold the money that you spend on a regular basis - either on day-to-day living costs or usual household bills.

Your common-or-garden current account will provide you with a debit card which you can use with cash machines and in the shops, the ability to automatically pay out direct debits and standing orders and the option to administer your account in branch, over the Internet or via telephone. To credit the account you either pay in cash, transfer from another account or receive regular income like wages and pensions.

Some current accounts offer cheque books, others overdraft facilities which you can use to borrow a small amount in the short term. How much depends on your credit rating, as will the interest rate that you'll pay while in the red.