What every teenager needs to know about motorbike insurance

If you’re planning on buying a motorbike after you pass your test, then you will have plenty of questions about motorbike insurance. We’ve made this a lot easier for you with our helpful and easy to understand guide to teenage motorbike insurance.

Peter Adams Last updated on 13 November 2020.
What every teenager needs to know about motorbike insurance

If you’re considering learning to ride a motorbike or have just passed your test and are already eyeing up which model you want to buy, take a moment to think about the insurance cover you will need before you hit the open road. There is a lot to take on board when taking out teenage motorbike insurance and it can be a challenge to find the right provider and cover to suit your needs.

How can I qualify to ride a motorcycle?

From the age of 16, teenagers are able to take the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate which will allow you to drive a category AM moped, which is limited to a 50cc engine and restricted to 28 miles per hour. Alternatively, you could ride a moped that was registered before 2004, which is restricted to 30 miles per hour.

From the age of 17, teenagers are eligible to take the Motorcycle category A1 test which will allow you to drive any motorcycle up to a 125cc engine that has a maximum power of 11kw. This can be either automatic or manual. However, before you can ride on the road, you will also need to take the CBT certificate and the Motorcycle Theory Test.

Once you reach 19, you will be able to take the Motorcycle category A2 practical test, which will allow you to ride a fully licensed motorbike up to 35kw, but as above, you will be required to pass both the CBT certificate and Motorcycle Theory Test before you can ride on public roads.

Although this doesn’t affect teenagers, it’s useful for you to know that once you hit 24 years of age, you will be entitled to ride a category A motorcycle, providing you pass the complete direct access course. This needs to be taken on a motorbike with a minimum of 40kw power. Of course, you will also need to have the CBT certificate and the Motorcycle Theory Test before you can ride one of these motorbikes.

What motorbike insurance do I need?

The type of motorbike insurance that you need will vary depending on your age and whether you want to ride a moped or a motorbike.

There are many insurance providers that offer cover for young riders at competitive prices for various types of vehicles, so you can shop around for the best deal.

What are the different types of motorbike insurance?

There are several different types of insurance products available to choose from, each tailored to a specific usage of motorbikes and mopeds. Before you get your brand new motorbike or moped, you will need to take out insurance cover to be able to ride on public roads legally.

The different types of motorbike insurance policies are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third party
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Learner riders
  • Young riders
  • Riders with modified vehicles
  • Food delivery and courier insurance
  • Convicted riders
  • Classic motorbikes
  • Towing
  • 2-bike or multi-bike
  • Single day insurance
  • Short-term insurance – up to 1 month

Most insurance providers specialising in young riders motorbike insurance will offer a minimum of comprehensive cover, third party cover and third party, fire and theft cover.

However, if you are looking to use your motorbike for work as an independent food delivery or courier rider, it’s advisable to look into an insurance premium that will guarantee you are covered whilst riding during your working hours. There are many insurance providers offering this type of motorbike insurance which can be paid on a flexible monthly basis, so you won’t be tied into a long insurance policy.

How much is motorbike insurance for teenagers?

The costs of your young riders motorbike insurance will vary depending on your age, your insurer, the insurance policy that you take out, what you intend to use your motorbike for and whether you choose to insure other items as well - such as your keys, leathers and helmet. You might also want to consider breakdown or key care cover.

On average, third-party only cover will be a more affordable than a comprehensive insurance policy. Take the time to work out how much you will be spending on the motorbike or moped and factor in the cost of the insurance and running costs before you make up your mind.

The insurance costs may vary if you are using your motorbike or moped for social, domestic or pleasure reasons compared to commuting, business use or if your partner or family member will also be riding it.

How can I reduce the cost of my teenage motorbike insurance?

Don’t worry; if the costs of motorbike insurance are a little intimidating then there are numerous ways that you can reduce your insurance premium for young riders. Make sure you make a note of these when you’re ready to buy teenage motorbike insurance cover:

  • Ride legally and responsibly
  • Care for your motorbike
  • Buy a smaller engine
  • Get further training

Ride legally and responsibly

One of the easiest ways you can reduce the cost of your teenage motorbike insurance premium is to build up a good safe riding history over time. Sure, this method is playing the long-game as you won’t be able to reap the benefits immediately, but it’s definitely good to get into the mindset as early as you can.

Establishing yourself as a safe and responsible motorbike and moped rider in the eyes of your insurance provider is a very effective way to reduce insurance premiums, especially for younger riders who have higher insurance premiums compared to older, more experienced riders.

Care for your motorbike

By taking extra care of your motorbike or moped, you will be able to keep the costs down on your insurance premium. Motorbikes, like cars, are valuable items and are vulnerable to theft, so make sure you have properly secured your bike when it’s parked.

One way to reduce the chances of theft is to park it inside a locked and secure garage when you’re not using it and ensure that you have enough anti-theft protection such as a steering lock, U shackle, disk lock, clutch grip, chain and an immobiliser or alarm.

By ensuring that you regularly service your motorbike or moped, you will reduce the chances of expensive repairs which can send the price of your insurance premium through the roof, if your insurer pays out.

Buy a bike with a smaller engine

Depending on your age, you might be restricted in terms of the size of engine you will legally be able to drive anyway, but once you get older, you can save money on your motorbike insurance by purchasing a vehicle with a smaller engine. The rule of thumb is, the faster and more powerful the engine, the more expensive it will be to insure.

Get further training

Another simple way of reducing the cost of your young riders motorbike insurance is to complete further training with an accredited training course. You will be able to ride much more safely, which will help to reduce the chances of an accident and lower the cost of your bike insurance.

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