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    Hanley Economic BS 2 Year Discounted Variable

    • Initial Rate
      4.24% Discounted Variable (collared at 2.00%) for 2 years (0.55% disc)
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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Last updated on 18 March 2021.

Hanley Economic Building Society Mortgages FAQ

What is Hanley Economic Building Society?

The Hanley Economic Building Society was founded in 1854 by Earl Granville, as a mutual building society to provide financial services to its own members - the very people who also own the society. This distinguishes building societies from banks, which are floated on the stock exchange, meaning they are owned by shareholders.

What kind of mortgages do the Hanley Economic Building Society offer?

The Hanley Building Society mortgages are varied, depending on the different requirements of borrowers. For example, they provide residential mortgages for homebuyers, as well as buy-to-let mortgages for landlords, who are seeking to buy properties in order to generate rental income. Additionally, they provide self-build mortgage deals, for those wishing to build their own homes.

Mortgages can be provided as fixed-term deals, where interest is fixed for two to five years, as well as tracker mortgage deals. The latter option means your mortgage interest rate will be pegged to movements in the Bank of England’s base rate. If the base rate remains low and stable, interest payments will remain low, whereas a rising base rate will feed into a higher tracker rate, increasing costs over time.

Where can I find the Hanley Economic Building Society reviews?

Some of the best Hanley Economic Building Society reviews are provided by third-party review websites. Checking consumer reviews through sites such as Smart Money People and Which? allow you to find testimonials by previous customers. Checking these reviews gives you a good sense of how reliable the lender is, and may help identify key concerns or attractive aspects about what they can offer with mortgage products.

Where can I find Hanley Economic Building Society lending criteria?

As with many lenders, a quick Google search of the Hanley Building Society will present you with a page from their official website, giving you an extensive guide to the criteria they have. To be deemed eligible for specific types of mortgages, it pays to read their criteria before seeking a loan, to prevent delays or other issues when applying.

Where can I find the best Hanley Economic Building Society mortgages?

To find the best Hanley Economic Building Society mortgage deals, check out our comparison tables and mortgage calculator. The former helps you rank specific deals and compare them on key features including APRC, term lengths and initial rates. Our mortgage calculator goes one step further, helping you determine what your monthly payments are likely to be, giving you assurance about what to expect if you pursue a specific deal.

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