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Last updated on 22 March 2021.

The Mortgage Works Mortgages FAQ

What is a Mortgage Works mortgage?

The Mortgage Works specialise in a number of mortgage products aimed at prospective landlords. Some of the products they provide include buy-to-let and let-to-buy mortgages.

What is the difference between buy-to-let and let-to-buy?

Buy-to-let mortgages allow landlords to borrow in order to purchase properties, as a means of generating rental income. Let-to-buy mortgages allow landlords to rent out their existing homes and purchase a new one to live in.

How does a let-to-buy mortgage work?

A landlord converts their existing mortgage into a buy-to-let mortgage, allowing them to rent out their original home while also taking out a residential mortgage, allowing them to find a new home to live in.

Why consider let-to-buy mortgages?

You might find market conditions make it tricky to sell your existing home, so rental becomes an easier option, but you still wish to have a home of your own as well. Additionally, you may be planning to move away for a time, but still wish to move back to your old home eventually.

What does interest-only mean?

Interest-only deals, such as those associated with buy-to-let mortgages, require the borrower to repay just interest for the duration of the mortgage term. A repayment mortgage, requires the loan to be paid back in instalments with interest on top.

What is LTV?

The Mortgage Works provide mortgages with specific loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, which calculate the proportion of a property’s value paid for through the mortgage loan. The remaining percentage of the property’s value is paid upfront as a deposit.

Do higher LTVs make mortgages cheaper?

While a high-LTV translates into a smaller mortgage, which can take less time to save up for, a sizeable loan entails greater risk for the provider. As a result, they will charge higher interest to mitigate this risk.

Can I get a fixed-rate buy-to-let deal?

Yes. The Mortgage Works offer buy-to-let deals with fixed rates. This means they can offer you a deal where interest rates remain fixed for a number of years.

How does a variable-rate mortgage work?

In comparison to a fixed-rate deal, a variable-rate mortgage means the interest rate you pay can fluctuate from time to time, determined by the rate of interest most other providers are offering over time.

Where can I compare The Mortgage Works mortgages?

Use NerdWallet’s comparison table to help find the best deal to suit your requirements.

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