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  • Homeowner secured loans usually have to be applied for through a broker using your property as security.

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Who is Central Trust?

Central Trust is a direct lender who has been providing secured loans and mortgages to homeowners in the UK since 1988. It is part of the Norfolk Capital Group and is registered by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How much can I borrow with a Central Trust secured loan?

Central Trust offers secured loans in the form of mortgages up to a maximum value of £250,000, but the amount you will be able to borrow will depend on a variety of factors. These include: your requirements, your credit score, the value of your property, the level of equity you have in your home, your salary and several other eligibility and affordability criteria.

Why do people take out Central Trust secured loans?

Secured loans tend to be of larger amounts than personal loans and can also be paid back over longer periods, providing the borrowers meets certain criteria. Therefore, they are used to cover the cost of major expenses or purchases. This might be a major home remodel or a vehicle, for example. Alternatively, they can be used as a way to consolidate existing debts. This approach can help borrowers organise their debts into a single monthly repayment, but the overall cost could increase if the term of the debt is extended.

Where does NerdWallet get its secured loan comparison table information?

We have partnered with a leading secured loan broker. Brokers help borrowers to find the right secured loan for their needs and can also help to guide you through the application process. However, there is also the option to borrow directly with the lender.

Will I be eligible to apply for a Central Trust secured loan?

There is typically a long list of eligibility criteria you will need to meet to take out a secured loan with Central Trust, or with any other lender. You will need to pass credit checks and affordability checks and will also need to be a homeowner. It’s worth checking your credit score before you start the application process in order to ensure you won’t fail the checks, as this can damage your credit score.

I joint-own my home, can I still apply for a Central Trust secured loan?

Yes, but you need to do so with the person with whom you own the property.

Are there risks involved with taking out a Central Trust secured loan?

When borrowing a secured loan with any provider, you will agree to the value of the loan being secured against your home. This means that, if you cannot keep up with the repayments, the lender could force the sale of your home to settle the debt.

I have poor credit, will Central Trust still consider me for a secured loan?

Central Trust do sometimes lend to people with various credit profiles. Secured loans can be easier to secure than personal loans for those with less-than-perfect credit scores as the loan is secured against a property. Although this can mean you have access to credit, it also means you are risking losing your home if you struggle to pay it off, so make sure you can afford the repayments throughout the entire term of the loan before taking one out.

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