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About Us

We're the nerdy friend you can count on and trust, no matter your money question.

We create user-friendly tools, crunch numbers and give you all the results, unfiltered. Across banking, credit cards, education, health care, insurance, investments, mortgages, shopping and travel, we offer data-driven tools and impartial information to help you make solid decisions about the money you work hard to earn. In short, we do the homework so you don't have to.

Our analysis is:

  • Clear: Our tools are user-friendly, so you save time.
  • Unbiased: We use a numbers-based, analytic approach to give you objective results.
  • Personalized: We customize results based on your financial situation.
  • Complete: Some sites list only products or services that make them money. We include everything we can find.

We can help you:

  • Choose credit cards: We help you find ones that will save you the most and give you the best rewards.
  • Find deals: We help you shop smart—bargains, coupons and more.
  • Invest your money: We help you avoid rip-offs and figure out where your money can stay safe and grow.
  • Stay or get healthy: We help you find affordable health care, from the best insurance to the best hospitals.
  • Pay for college: We help you find scholarships, calculate loans and compare colleges, including law schools and MBA programs.
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Our lead nerds

Tim Chen

Tim Chen, CEO

Before starting NerdWallet in 2009, Tim was a hedge fund analyst at Perry Capital investing in payment processing companies, credit card networks and technology companies. He also worked as an equity research analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston. Tim graduated from Stanford University with a degree in economics.

Dan Yoo

Dan Yoo, COO

Dan joined NerdWallet from LinkedIn, where he helped rocket membership from 50 million to more than 275 million. In nerdy fashion, he led the company’s performance management, strategic initiatives and analytics. He was previously chief financial officer at Parature, which Microsoft has since acquired. Dan has an MBA from UC Berkeley and a bachelor's degree in management and finance from Georgetown University.

Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson, co-founder and advisor

Before co-founding the company, Jake did a long stint at JPMorgan Chase, where he traded derivatives and managed new automated trading technologies. Jake graduated from MIT with degrees in math and quantitative finance (because computer science was too hard).

Eric Ogren

Eric Ogren, CTO

Eric is NerdWallet's chief technology officer and a veteran of technology companies such as Riverbed Technology and Microsoft. He earned a bachelor's degree in computer science at Stanford University.