NerdWallet’s Mother’s Day Your Way Contest

The Mother’s Day Your Way contest is now closed!
Thank you to everyone who participated, as we received some amazing entries! Thank you, as well,
to our four fantastic judges - Jennifer from Makobi Scribe, Jamie from Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco,
Kelly from The Centsible Life and Janessa from Thrifty Nifty Mommy. With all the impressive entries,
we know it was quite difficult for our judges to choose. We've listed out our contest winners and honorable
mentions below, and remember to stay tuned for the next contest and many more chances to win!

Give Peas a Chance  

All of our entries were incredible, but we wanted to give special recognition to the below submissions!


• Origami flowers and kusudama balls - Alex of Alex Nguyen Portraits

• Chocolate cake and much, much more - Justine from fa fo fi

• Free heart screening - Jen from JenX67

• Banana bread muffins - Kim from Beautiful Living

• Baked frittata - Molly Jo from Frankly My Dear…

• Juicy hamburger steaks - Alison from Pint-sized Treasures

• Kanvess Instagram prints - Christine from Fancy Function

• An air plant in a sea urchin - Natalie from Good Girl Style

• Mickey Mouse Icon Photo Frame - Jodi from Magic Mouse Schoolhouse

• Mother's Day picnic - Inspired Soul from Inspired Soul Blog

• Seeds and stories - Sean from Sean Nisil - Intentional Stewardship

• A raised garden - Jennifer from Mud Pies for Mommy

• Retro oven cupcake box - Claudine from Claudine Hellmuth

• Sleepy time sea salt scrub - Emilee from Pea of Sweetness

• Printable children's book - Mari from Small for Big

• Printed photo book - Sarah from Old School/New School Mom

• Hand-painted astronomy pendants - Amy from Jumbo Jibbles

• The painting"Patience" - Jen from Jen Norton Art Studio

• Rainbow water prism - Susan from The Shopping Mom

• The perfect cup of coffee - Kelly from My Overthinking

• Travel-inspired flip flops - Nancy from What a Trip

• A sewing kit in a jar and other crafts - Misha from Mommy Hobbies

• A clean house - Endomental

• Books, lunch, time and more - Sherri from The Rebel Housewife

• Berry flower breakfast - Krissy from B-Inspired Mama

• A typical Swedish meal - Stockholm Expat

• Mother's Day banner card - Nina from mamas*little*treasures

• Purchases from the Noonday collection - Desiree from Hannah James blog

• Wine sippy cup - NaturalHairLatina from NaturalHairLatina

• Anti-stress neck pillow - Melissa from Melissa Say What?

• Memories of a significant experience - Dawn from Since You Asked...

• The gift of children - Laine from The Laine List

• Red wine, a hammer and more - Jane from The Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife

• Paper flower scrapbook page - Stasia from Stampin' & Scrappin' with Stasia

• Cow iPhone 4 case - Louana from eleventhmonkey

• Hobby supply gifts - Nicole from World of My Imagination

• Fabric flower corsages - Tessa from Precocious Paper

• Hand print collage - Amber from Economical Mommy

• DIY Wall art - KRetroK from Totally Love It

• Fingerprint pendant - Cassi from The Crafty Crow

• Picture frame with children holding letters - Retrospect Realm

• Willow tree figurine - Becky from The Java Mama

• Personalized coffee mug and more - Gretta from The Johns Family

• Candles and discontinued gifts - Camilla from The Beauty Shop

• Writing notes on dollar bills - Kell from The Book of Kell

• Select movies and photos - Teresa from ChecaLAmovie

See full contest description and rules here

*Disclaimer: We do our best to keep information accurate and up to date, however even nerds make mistakes, and we cannot make guarantees regarding the accuracy of our information.


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