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Engineering and Computer Science Students: Georgia Tech the Best Value?

Jan. 3, 2013
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The short answer is yes, Georgia Tech may be the best value — if you’re interested in studying engineering and computer science. Below, NerdWallet compares the top 10 universities with the highest reported salaries for new graduates while taking into account tuition costs and acceptance rates.

Here are the top three reasons Georgia Tech is one of the best values out there for future engineers and computer science majors:

      1. Students make bank upon graduation.

        A look at top salaries by school reveals that Georgia Tech comes in at No. 10 nicely: Its College of Computing and College of Engineering students reported an average salary of $60,000 upon graduation.

      2. It won’t cost you an arm and leg to attend.

        Of the schools on the top 10 list, Georgia Tech is the only public university, which means it’s much more affordable compared with private universities.  If you’re an in-state resident, annual tuition as of 2013 is $7,938, a paltry sum compared with the average tuition of $44,000 charged by the other top 10 universities.  Even if you’re out of state, tuition is still a fraction of the private schools’ tuition, $26,148 a year.

      3. You have a good chance of getting in.  

        Georgia Tech has a 54.55% acceptance rate in 2013 — the highest among the top 10 universities as listed by salary (Carnegie Mellon’s SCS, on the other hand, accepts only 8% of its applicants).  GA Tech evaluates applicants in an overall pool, irrespective of major or program.  What that means is, unlike many other specialty undergraduate programs which evaluates engineering or computer science candidates separately from the overall school (e.g., traditional liberal arts and sciences), GA Tech considers all applicants in the same pool.

Supporting data:

University Average Salary Acceptance Rate Tuition Costs Only
1) Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science $79,551 8% $44,880
2) Harvey Mudd College $67,000 18% $44,159
3) MIT $65,437 9% $40,732
4) Carnegie Mellon University, CIT (Engineering) $64,427 20% $44,880
5) University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering & Applied Science $64,033 13% $43,738
6) University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School (Business) $63,273 10% $43,738
7) Cornell University, College of Engineering $62,347 12% $43,185
8) Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business $60,970 12% $44,880
9) Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing $60,387 55% $7,938 (in state) or $26,148
10) Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Engineering $60,000 55% $7,938 (in state) or $26,148