You May Be Overpaying For Interest.

This Card Could Help Fix That. Get 0% Intro APR For 18 Months.

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Save On Debt With This Nerd-Reviewed Card

How This Card Helps You Save On Debt

  • 0% Intro APR on balance transfers for 18 billing cycles
  • 0% Intro APR on new purchases for 18 billing cycles
  • No annual fee

The right tool to pay down debt faster

Credit card debt stings. The good news, however, is there’s a way to pay it down with less money in a shorter time. How? By moving your debt to a balance transfer card, which is a credit card that offers a lengthy 0% interest period. Unlike an everyday credit card (which charges interest on balances you carry from month to month), balance transfer cards give you time to pay down debt while preventing interest charges from stacking up. The U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card could be the right fit if you're carrying a large credit card balance or planning for a large purchase.

Take advantage of introductory 0% APRs

When you’re paying down debt, interest rates matter – a lot. For example, compare the difference between paying down an $18,000 debt on a 21% APR card and a 0% balance transfer card. The U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Cardtypically will charge you a one-time fee of 3% on the balance transferred (or a $5 minimum fee, whichever is greater). Then, you won’t be charged any interest on your transferred balance for the duration of the 0% intro APR period. Using the balance transfer card could save you around $2,599, even after paying a 3% transfer fee of $540, assuming the debt is repaid in full within the 0% intro interest period (in this example case, 18 months). As a heads up, the amount you may qualify to transfer and save depends on a variety of factors including your credit worthiness.

No Annual Fee & More

Along with the potential balance transfer savings, the U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Card also helps consumers by not charging an annual fee. Plus, get up to $600 protection on your cell phone (subject to $25 deductible) against covered damage or theft when you pay your monthly cellular telephone bill with your U.S. Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card. Certain terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.