Unsecured Yet Easy Credit Cards to Qualify For


Even if you have bad credit, you can still often find an easy credit card to qualify for. Depending on whether you have a poor credit history, or just no credit, you might even get approved for a solid unsecured card. In fact, those who have limited credit have quite a few attractive options.

Students: Your options are a bit different.

Credit cards for fair or average credit

If you have a short credit history (versus having a bad credit history) or average credit, you have a few options on the table. Remember, though, that this is for people looking to build, not rebuild, credit. Some thin-file-friendly credit cards include:

Barclays Rewards MasterCard - Average Credit Credit Card
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The Barclaycard Rewards for Average Credit offers no annual fee and a decent rewards program: 2% cash back on gas, groceries and utilities, and 1% cash back elsewhere. Again, though, this card is for people with average or limited credit, not bad credit. You should check your credit score before applying, because every time you apply, your credit score takes a brief hit, and you don’t want to waste your time applying for something you can’t qualify for.

Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card
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The NFL credit card isn’t just for Thursday-through-Monday football diehards; it’s also a good option for fair-credit folks. It gives 1 NFL point on every $1 you spend, and 2 per $1 on NFL or team gear. Those points are redeemable as a statement credit, so they’re basically as good as cash back. It has a higher signup bonus than the Barclaycard Rewards, at Earn 10,000 bonus points after $500 in purchases in the first 90 days, enough to redeem for a $100 cash back statement credit, so despite its inferior rewards program, it’s a better card if you only hold it for 1-2 years. Like the Barclaycard, it has no annual fee.

Unsecured credit cards

In addition to the cards mentioned above, there are a number of unsecured credit cards for bad credit out there – you’ve probably heard of the First Premier, Matrix Hybrid, Cerulean, Applied Bank and others. The unfortunate part about these cards is that they often have very expensive annual fees, which are deducted from your initial credit line. For example, the Matrix Discover card has a $75 annual fee, so your initial credit limit is just $225, not $300. Moreover, your annual fee rises to $219 after the first year ($75 billed annually, plus $144 billed at $12 monthly). That’s insanely expensive for a $300 line of credit.

Again, contrast this with the Capital One Secured, where you can put down as little as $49-$200 (depending on your credit score), get a $200+ line of credit, and increase that limit without having to pay a fee. The Matrix card charges $30 for every $100 credit limit increase.

The Cerulean card is just as bad – it’s the exact same card, more or less, with the same shoddy terms. And the First Premier card is worse: It charges a $95 application fee, on top of a $75 first-year annual fee and $120 ongoing annual fee ($45 billed annually, $6.25 billed monthly). You also have to pay a fee of $25 for every $100 credit limit increase, after the first year, which is assessed against the credit limit. So if you increase your limit by $100, you’re really only getting $75 in available credit.

This is all to say – unsecured cards are a bad idea. Really, they are. If you’re still convinced that you want one, you can find an unsecured card via Google, but they tend to be far more expensive than secured cards and in most cases not as good of a product.

  • Kimberly Cooper

    have you tried a horizon card yet. just make payments every month on this card and your credit goes up

    • Paulette

      Kimberly, when I have read the reviews for Horizon Card. They keep saying it’s not worth it and it’s a rip off. I would like to know what do you think about the Horizon Card?

      • Heather Loving

        The horizon card can only be used in the horizon outlet store which in my opinion doesnt have many good things. I find it a waste of $30 to apply for it. Anything u buy at the outlet store u have to pay with another card for the shipping.

        • Morgan Blakely

          I have no experience with this merchandiser but I read the awful reviews too… I say no no no… apply for a fingerhut fresh start account if you can get no other credit

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    • TSands Sanders

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    • Cary Patrice

      ROFL … how much do they pay you to post their propaganda. Hey, did you have to send the first payment to them by Western Union? Money Pak Card. …
      If we’re even on this page we’ve had a rough go of it – , but honestly, if you’re posting this kind of unethical lie and actually including the name of God in it, then you’re the one I pity right now.

  • Edward Heldman III


  • Sherry Helsel

    As an owner of a Credit Consulting business I can tell you I would never advise any clients to partake in these offers. Your local banks and credit unions have credit builder products that start reporting immediately with better rates.

    • Barbara Klein

      Hello Sherry Helsel
      please if you would like to advise me what is the best for me because I do not have credit history yet and need to start building it , thank you so much.

      • Tee Tee

        I don’t have any credit history either, and am trying to build it up. I applied for the Discover it Chrome card,last month and was approved for a 500 limit. So far so good with everything. They have really good customer service, and good perks. The only thing is it’s not accepted everywhere, but I like it because helps me limit my spending lol

        • Barbara Klein

          thanks!!! I’ll try it to see if they will approve it to me…thank you!

  • Jake Wright

    So I have improved my credit to a 585 in 60 days never had a credit card but student loans combined with devorce have held me back. No use of credit since 2009 and I own a business that needs a little bit of capital in order to expand. Ideas?

    • Too easy to troll

      Get a refund on your student loan. You spelled divorce wrong.

  • Patti Oldham

    I have 6 months left until I am discharged from Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which included an amount of $1100 owed to Capitol One.So that option is not available for me. I live in Canada so that also poses credit card limitations from what researched I’ve done so far. I want a card so I can do car rentals. Anyone have any ideas that could help? Thanks.

    • Ty Osburn

      Merrick Bank Secured card, that is exactly why i got the card, one suggestion though make sure to make your initial deposit for at least $350 or more just so you don’t run into a situation where the car rental agency wants to authorize your card for at least 300, other than that its been a savior when renting cars finally without having to go through all the crap associated with using a debit card!! Hope this helps

    • Pinga_dulce

      FYI Wells Fargo also offers secured credit cards. Benefits, large institution has been around for years, their cards doesn’t look strange, looks exactly like an unsecured one, and they will review account and grant a regular card if you have been a good boy/girl :)

  • Silver Savior

    So I joined a credit union but they would not give me a personal loan. So what is the point. Its a credit union with no credit lol.

  • Silver Savior

    So my old bankruptcy that did not even discharge anything is going to be removed from my credit report in July. After that will the banks give a credit card to my dog again? I heard your score actually goes down when it is removed. Is that true.

  • marc wenzler

    Thanks George Dubya!

    • Silver Savior

      Yeah I forgot it was Dubyas fault. It fits right in with the whole republican thing too. You are supposed to be born well off and supposed to always have the money and no second chances.