• Health insurance coverage has never been more important. The Affordable Care Act has led to discounted prices for many people – but the options are different for everyone.

  • What do you want to know about health insurance?


    For most people, health insurance may cost less than $100/month. That’s $3 per day.


    Starting in , those who don’t get health insurance will be charged a fine.


    Everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions, can get covered and receive free services.

  • You can buy 2015 health insurance plans starting November 15, 2014.
    See if you can still qualify for a subsidized, Affordable Care Act plan in 2014. Buy an unsubsidized plan anytime at eHealthInsurance.com

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    • Baker

    • Bank Teller

    • Bus Driver

    • Carpenter

    • Cashier

    • Childcare Worker

    • Construction Worker

    • DJ

    • Electrician

    • Employment Specialist

    • Etsy Seller

    • Farm Manager

    • Fashion Designer

    • Fitness Instructor

    • Food Server

    • Freelance Writer

    • Graphic Designer

    • Home Health Aide

    • Interior Designer

    • Legal Assistant

    • Licensed Practical Nurse

    • Lyft Driver

    • Nanny

    • Office Manager

    • Personal Trainer

    • Pharmacist

    • Photographer

    • Physical Therapist

    • Police Officer

    • Receptionist

    • Registered Nurse

    • Restaurant Worker

    • Retail Worker

    • Self-Employed Professional

    • Software Developer

    • TaskRabbit

    • Taxi Driver

    • Technical Writer

    • Tutor

    • Uber Driver

    • Unemployed

    • Waitress

    • Web Developer

    • Yoga Instructor

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