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We support executive operations to move the needle on business strategy and objectives.

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We partner with our various business units to drive strategic initiatives and set the future direction of NerdWallet.

2 open positions
Compliance and Legal

We use the latest legal and compliance to support the company's strategy and deliver great products to consumers.

1 open position

We help people lead richer lives by creating content that makes complex financial decisions easier to understand.

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We uncover the insights, models and data that help Nerds build products people love.

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Design and User Experience

We're designing the future of FinTech by rethinking consumer relationships to create delightful experiences for our users.

1 open position

We're building the data infrastructure and consumer applications that support our core business and developing products.

2 open positions
Finance and Accounting

We're all about finances. From profits to forecasting, our team aggregates the company's financial information.

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We’re redefining IT services - supporting a fast-growing company while building innovative cloud infrastructure.

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We use data-driven and creative inputs to develop growth strategies aimed at expanding our reach and building trust.

3 open positions
People Operations

We're committed to developing an environment that encourages growth and provides a clear path for success.

1 open position
Product Management

We're problem solvers at heart. And we build engaging products and experiences that meet those needs.

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We work with entrepreneurs across the country to help them to determine the right financing options for their business.

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User Operations

We make sure our users have a delightful on-site experience and represent their voice to all of the teams.

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