Best-Of Awards guidelines

Here you'll find some guidelines to help you use our Best-Of Award assets correctly — including our badges, colors and patterns. If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected].

The assets + toolkit

Congratulations on your win! We're excited to see how you celebrate and advertise your NerdWallet Best-Of Award. Below, we've provided links to download your assets and sample executions to show how badges can be leveraged. By downloading these assets, you're agreeing to our terms of service for the use of these designs.

  • Best-Of Award badges
    Badges can be used across a number of marketing efforts from homepages to direct mail and so much more. The badge for your specific win can be found in the link below. When using your badge, please be mindful of background colors — we've provided multiple badges to ensure you find the best match.

best-of awards examples

Examples of Best-Of Awards badge placement

  • Image
    Logo usage
    When pairing your logo with the NerdWallet logo, please ensure there's good visual balance. The space between the logos and the 1px divider should be the same as the height of the "N" logo mark.
  • Image
    Color and pattern
    We invite you to incorporate our branded color palette and patterns into your marketing materials — from display ads to social and more. The download button below will supply you with everything you need.

Communicating your win

  • If the category has one winner, we recommend: [PRODUCT NAME], NerdWallet's 2019 winner for [AWARD]
  • If the category has multiple winners, we recommend: [PRODUCT NAME], one of NerdWallet's 2019 winners for [AWARD]

Download your assets now

By downloading our Best-Of Award assets, you're agreeing to our terms of service.

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