Standout Money Market Accounts

The best money market accounts have rates that help you grow your bank balance faster than money market accounts with average rates.
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Check out these standout money market account offers from our partners, and start earning interest.
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Quontic Money Market Account
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at Quontic Bank, Member FDIC



With $0 min. balance for APY

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Discover® Money Market Account
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at Discover® Bank, Member FDIC



With $1 min. balance for APY

Factors to consider when choosing a bank

Weigh your options: Some high-yield savings accounts beat money market accounts’ rates and have lower fees, which means you’ll come out ahead with the former. And the best savings accounts have low to no minimum deposits. But, without debit cards or checks, it might be slightly harder to access your money in a regular savings account compared to an MMA.

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the best money market account?

Look for a money market account with a high rate and no monthly fees. Some money market accounts have a monthly fee of around $10 or more if you don’t keep a daily minimum balance, typically $1,000 or more.

Are money market rates fixed?

No, rates are variable and can change over time.

How do I open a money market account?

You can open a money market account either online or in person. Be prepared to provide your Social Security number and contact information, along with at least one form of identification, such as a driver’s license or a passport. (For a joint account, everyone wanting access to the account must provide this information and valid forms of identification.)

The bank will often require you to transfer money into the new account right away. You can do that by depositing cash or checks, or through a wire transfer.

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