How to use your Best-Of Awards badges

Congrats — you won! Now here's how to promote and celebrate your Best-Of Awards win.

Four easy steps to follow

To get your badges and spread the news about your win, follow these steps:
  • Agree to our Terms of Use.
  • Follow our design guidelines for how to use NerdWallet-approved badges and the NerdWallet logo.
  • Use approved language and trademarks when mentioning your Best-Of Awards win.
  • Send us your final creative assets for review.
Step 1

Agree to our Terms of Use

By downloading a badge or other Awards asset, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.
Step 2

Follow our design guidelines

The guidelines below will help your design team easily create NerdWallet-approved assets, whether you choose to use the badges we've created for you or the NerdWallet logo.

Badge usage

We've created several styles of badges, all of which are available in your full assets download. Please only use the designs we've included there, and do not modify them. Below are examples of how to use them.

best-of awards examples

Logo usage

If you want to use your logo with ours, please ensure there's good visual balance. The space between the logos and the 1px divider should be the same as the height of the "N" logo mark.

Step 3

Use approved language and trademarks

When mentioning your award win in marketing materials, please be sure to use the full and exact name of your award, as outlined below. In addition, please be mindful of trademark requirements when needed.
  • When describing your win, please use: [PRODUCT NAME], NerdWallet's 2020 winner for [AWARD].
  • Whenever you use NerdWallet’s logo or badge in your marketing materials, you must include this legal trademark line as close to the mention as possible: "©2017-2019 and TM, NerdWallet, Inc. All Rights Reserved."
Step 4

Send us your assets for review

The final step is for us to approve all your creative assets before you publish them. Once they're ready, please send your assets to [email protected]. Note the approval process takes one to two weeks. And remember — the fastest way to get your final creative assets approved is to follow the guidelines above.

Download your Best-Of Awards assets

And now — the moment you've been waiting for! Select your company name below to download your badges.

Get your creative wheels turning

We've designed this year's badges to be used everywhere from social posts to out-of-home billboards. Here are just a few ways to promote your win.

best-of awards examples

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