Pay No Interest Until Nearly 2026

Learn how you can save big by using a balance transfer card.

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Pay off your debt faster

Transferring your high-interest credit card balance to a balance transfer card with a 0% introductory rate can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in interest and help you get out of debt sooner. Unlike an everyday credit card (which charges interest on balances you carry from month to month), balance transfer cards give you time to pay down debt while preventing interest charges from stacking up.

All the cards on this page offer balance transfers. Find a smart card for you and you could pay less on your credit card debt.

Start Saving Money ASAP With Balance Transfer Cards

Take advantage of introductory 0% APRs

When you’re paying down debt, interest rates matter – a lot. For example, compare the difference between paying down an $18,000 debt on a 21% APR card and a 0% balance transfer card. The latter will typically charge you a one-time fee of 3 to 5% on the balance transferred (or a $5 minimum fee, whichever is greater). Then, you won’t be charged any interest on your transferred balance for the duration of the 0% intro APR period. Using the balance transfer card could save you around $2,599, even after paying a 3% transfer fee of $540, assuming the debt is repaid in full within the 0% intro interest period (in this example case, 18 months). As a heads up, the amount you may qualify to transfer and save depends on a variety of factors including your credit worthiness.