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Marcus Invest

Marcus Invest brings investors automated portfolio management with multiple options, but a higher account minimum than average.

The bottom line: Marcus Invest brings the investment expertise of Goldman Sachs to its robo-advisor offering for a 0.35% management fee. Marcus Invest has a higher investment minimum than most robo-advisors, but offers multiple investment strategies.

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Where Marcus Invest shines

Multiple investing strategies: Marcus Invest doesn’t just offer one strategy, but three: a Core portfolio, an Impact portfolio and a Smart Beta portfolio.

High-yield savings account: Marcus offers a high-yield savings account with a rate of 0.5% APY at the time of this writing, along with several other compelling features.

Automatic rebalancing: Though fairly common for robo-advisors, Marcus Invest offers automatic rebalancing for when your asset allocation strays too far from its preset benchmarks.