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What’s My Credit Score?

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Your credit score determines whether you’ll get approved for credit cards, loans, apartment rentals, and utility services, and it may even affect your chances of getting hired for certain jobs. It can mean the difference between a favorable or exorbitant interest rate, an affordable or sky high insurance rate.

That’s a lot of power wrapped up in a three-digit number — which is why it’s especially important to be as informed as possible about your credit score. Here are links to our most informative articles on credit score-related topics.

FICO score basics

How to build credit

Credit cards for each score range

If you credit score is in the bad to average credit range, there may be great credit card options for your particular circumstances.

Everything else you need to know about credit

Still have questions about your credit score? Check out the Nerds’ building and rebuilding credit hub for our top articles on credit scoring and reporting. You’ll learn all about building and improving credit, understanding the ins and outs of your credit, and some great credit card options you may want to consider.

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