Aaron Hurd

Writer  |  Travel rewards, credit cards, travel

Aaron is a freelance contributor to the travel team at NerdWallet. He has been a credit card and travel rewards enthusiast since applying for his first credit card the day he turned 18. While a student at Iowa State University, Aaron combined his knowledge of credit card rewards with a resale business to help pay his way through college. After finishing a Master of Business Administration at the University of Michigan, Aaron used points and miles to travel for six months across five continents, including a month traveling overland through Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China on the Trans-Siberian Railway Network.

He has written hundreds of articles about miles, points, travel and credit card rewards for publications, including The Points Guy, Bankrate.com, Forbes, Rolling Stone and Robb Report. He is passionate about helping others leverage their wallets into increasing their financial security and fulfilling their travel dreams.

Aaron is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but his favorite airport is Amsterdam Schiphol.

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