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Lead Assigning Editor  |  Mortgages, owning a home, dealing with debt

Beth Buczynski is a lead assigning editor on the international expansion team at NerdWallet. Beth works with writers and editors to bring financial clarity to readers across Canada's 10 provinces and three territories. Previously, Beth spent four years covering mortgages and homeownership for NerdWallet, first as a writer and later as an editor. As a writer, Beth's work was featured by The Associated Press, The Washington Post and Money magazine, among others. Beth holds a master’s degree in public communication from Colorado State University.

  • Education: B.A. in English from University of Tennessee, M.S. in public communication and technology from Colorado State University
  • Organizations: Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society)

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Thinking about refinancing your home but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. In this video, we discuss the 2021 Best-Of Awards winners for the Mortgage Refinance category.

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The Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, Money magazine, MarketWatch, USA Today

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