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5 Unusual Scholarships for Every Hidden Talent

July 19, 2012
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This article was last updated on Dec. 2, 2014.

Two days ago, in Denver, Colorado, the 16th annual Water World Belly Flop Contest took place with the Belly Flop Fest Scholarship going to Thorton Grandpa for arguably one of the gnarliest belly flops. For his 12 foot aerial feat, he won $1,000, a new laptop and tickets to every Country concert in Denver for the remainder of the summer. Not bad, right? At least for something that I’m sure all of us have had some experience with in our lifetime.

While this contest can be considered all fun and games, it’s also a friendly reminder of one of the most pivotal aspects you should keep in mind when looking for scholarships: tailor the search to you. NerdWallet Education’s Scholarship Search allows you to do just that. The search allows you to enter and alter different metrics like your GPA or location and view results from our database of over 10,000 scholarships. Here’s a few examples of some niche scholarships to get your imagination going.

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Jimmy Beans for Brains Scholarship

Into crafts? Why not get your knitting or crocheting on for this scholarship that requires applicants to knit or crochet something? Each of the 5 winners receive $2,250 for their wooly endeavors.

Billy Welu Bowling Scholarship

If you’re wondering how to put your skill of hitting all strikes at Friday Night bowling, look no further. Apply your talents to the this scholarship. Talented bowlers receive $1,000.

The National Collegiate Competitive Eating Association Scholarships

If your mom complains that you eat too fast, you can let her know that your dinner time gastronomic feats could be worth something if you partake in events hosted by The National Collegiate Competitive Eating Association. Scholarships of varying amounts are awarded to winners of regional and national competitions.

Jane Austen Society of North America Scholarship

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett.  Two characters that have shown many generations the follies of Pride and Prejudice.  If you’ve found solace in the witty and romantic worlds of Jane Austen, express yourself in your application to this scholarship. Winners each receive $1,000.

Gibbons Slackline Scholarship Challenge

If reading isn’t your thing, but rather, you’ve got a an incredible sense of balance, go ahead and see if it’ll help you slack line for this scholarship. Contests are held throughout the country and the ultimate slack liner receives a scholarship of a varying amount.

When you apply to something that you have an interest in or excel in, you’re more likely to enjoy the process and fare better in producing results. So, when considering which scholarships to apply to, don’t forget to take into consideration skills that you already have or hobbies that you already do, because no matter what it is, there’s probably a scholarship out there for it–so go ahead and get started searching!

Slack lining photo via Shutterstock.