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Manage your college costs and student loans.

NerdWallet and Course Hero have teamed up to help you navigate the costs of college and repaying student loans. Read on to learn more about your options and how NerdWallet can help you get on track.


Apply for financial aid and use our guide to get answers to questions based on your unique family situation.

Find private student loans

If you’ve exhausted all of your federal financial aid options, private loans could help you cover remaining costs.

Refinance your student loans

Repaying student loans? Refinancing could give you lower interest rates. Compare multiple lenders and see your potential savings.

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Why use NerdWallet?

Expert advice: NerdWallet gives you the guidance you need to finance your education and pay back your student loans.

Compare options: Our tools offer an impartial look at student loan lenders to help you choose the offer that’s best for you.

Save money: Read our articles below and learn all you need to know to save money through refinancing and other repayment strategies.

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