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Fall Money Tasks, and Saving Enough to Retire

As we head into fall, is your money where you want it to be? To start off this episode, Sean and Liz give you a few easy money tasks so you can end the year right.

Then they answer a listener’s money question about how to save enough money to retire — including when to start spending what you’ve saved up. Read more

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Live From Las Vegas!

The smart way to lose your money gambling, whether now is a good time to invest and how to manage a big financial gift. In the first-ever live episode of the podcast — recorded at a NerdWallet conference in Las Vegas this summer — Sean and Sara cover these topics and more. Read more

Student Debt Cancellation News, and Money 101

The dust is settling after President Biden announced his student debt cancellation and repayment plan. But there are still a number of unknowns. This episode, Sean, Liz and Sara talk about the latest debt cancellation news, including new scams that are popping up.

Then they answer a listener’s question about the best way to set up their finances for long-term success. At the end of the episode, they give their tips for the best investments you can make in yourself. Read more

How to Manage Medical Debt with Emily Maloney

Medical debt can be confusing and, for some, financially debilitating. In this episode of the Nerdy Book Club series, NerdWallet writer Kim Palmer talks with author Emily Maloney about her personal experience with the health care system — both as an ER worker and a patient. Maloney also sheds light on how quickly medical costs can spiral out of control.

In her book of essays, “Cost of Living,” Emily Maloney shares how, after accumulating thousands of dollars of debt, she eventually gets free of it and suggests ways that those currently weighed down by medical debt can do the same. She also offers insight into the debt collection process in light of recent changes. Read more

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