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Best Black Friday Cellphone Deals, 2014

Nov. 20, 2014
Black Friday
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The best sales of Black Friday 2014 are here! Cellphone deals are hot this year after major product releases by hardware manufacturers like Apple, and some of the best holiday season deals will be found on Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday. Check out the below pages for more detailed information on what the best cellphone deals of Black Friday will be! Don’t forget to read our buying guide at the bottom of this page, too, if you need a little more help making a cellphone model decision.

Best Cellphone Deals by Store

Best Buy
Sam’s Club

Best Cellphone Deals by Brand

iPhone Deals

Best Cellphone Deals by Price Range

Cellphone deals from $0 – $149
Cellphone deals from $150 – $299
Cellphone deals from $300+


When buying a cell phone, you should consider the following:

  • Carrier – Before you can use your cell phone, you’ll need a carrier – such as AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint – to provide service to your phone. If you already have a service plan, make sure the new phone that you choose is compatible with your carrier.
  • Smartphone – You’ll need to decide if you want a smartphone or a basic cell phone. Smartphones allow for everything from web browsing and email to touchscreen capability. More basic phones are less expensive but are limited to features such as voice calls and texting.
  • Screen Size – Cell phone screens are considered small when they are less than 4 inches. Larger screens can be over 5 inches. Larger screens are easier to view but may also be more uncomfortable to hold or fit in your pocket.
  • Battery – Consider how long the cell phone’s battery life is, as well as how long it takes to reach a full charge.
  • Apps – If apps are a priority for you, consider which apps are available on different smartphone platforms. This may help you choose between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Many apps are released for iOS first.
  • Additional Features – Consider the sophisticated features that different models, especially smartphones, have to offer. You may benefit from tools such as GPS navigation or Siri voice commands.
  • Design – You’ll want to take the phone’s overall design into account as well. Pay attention to its size, color and shape. For easier transport, consider a slim and lightweight phone.


There’s a lot to think about when you’re shopping for a cell phone. If you only need a phone for emergencies or select calls, consider a basic model with limited features. If you’re a techie who wants lots of apps and tools to keep you constantly plugged in, look for a smartphone with a large screen, long battery life and reliable operating system.



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