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Understand Your Options for Buying and Selling Cars

Find out how to avoid “dark patterns” companies use to trick you, then learn the advantages and disadvantages of leasing versus buying a car. Read more

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Special series: 'Millennials and money'

Millennials’ Financial Challenges and What They’re Doing About Them

Dive into some of the unique money challenges that millennials face, and how they can take charge of their financial wellness during tough times. Read more

Navigating Generational Financial Trauma in a Digital World

Explore the impact of generational financial trauma on millennials, how social media amplifies it and ideas for healing. Read more

How Millennial Money Woes Are Reshaping the American Dream

Learn how millennials are redefining traditional milestones and reimagining what success looks like for themselves. Read more

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International Budget Travel, and Firing Financial Advisors

Explore how to travel abroad on a budget, and how to part ways with a financial advisor whose services are unsatisfactory. Read more

Important Job Interview Questions and Travel Insurance Tips

Ace your next job interview with questions you may not have considered asking, then learn how travel insurance works. Read more

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Strategies for Advanced Investing and Active Trading

Discover the risks and rewards of active investing, and when to consider calling in professionals for trading decisions. Read more

Day Trading Highs and Lows, a Guide to Calculating Risk

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Options Trading, Short Sales and Derivatives

Explore the risks and rewards of options trading, short selling and margin trading in this nerdy derivatives deep dive. Read more

Employee Stock Purchase Plans and AI Travel Planning

Discover how AI can help with personalized travel planning, then learn about Employee Stock Purchase Plans. Read more

Overcoming Financial Fears, and Appliance Repair Tips

The hosts discuss why a broken appliance doesn’t have to drain your savings, and how to fight financial fears to enjoy your money. Read more

When and How to Talk to Your Parents About Their Finances

In this Nerdy Book Club episode, we offer tips for having financial discussions with your parents while preserving their dignity and security. Read more

Seasonal Housing Market Trends and Travel Credit Card Tips

Learn how to take advantage of seasonal housing market trends and enjoy travel credit card rewards — even in small cities. Read more

Student Loan Repayments and a Nerdy Midyear Money Review

Learn how to assess your financial situation and hear tips for getting back on track, plus find out more about the upcoming resumption of student loan payments. Read more

Saving on Disney Trips, and Self-Employed Retirement

Learn Nerdy tips to plan a Disney vacation without going broke, and how to choose a retirement plan when self-employed. Read more

The Price of Parenthood: In Vitro Fertilization and the Future of Parenthood

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is one of the most effective forms of assisted reproductive technology and is one possible solution for couples who are experiencing infertility or those opting for surrogacy. Read more

The Price of Parenthood: How Egg Freezing Works

Egg freezing is one way to put healthy eggs literally on ice until you are ready to have kids. Read more

The Price of Parenthood: What It Takes to Adopt

Adoption is an incredible journey, but how much does it actually cost? Read more