Best Bank or Credit Union for ATM Access

How we picked the companies to evaluate:

We took a close look at over 70 financial institutions, including the largest U.S. retail banks, based on assets and internet search traffic; the nation’s largest credit unions, based on assets and membership; and other notable and/or emerging players in the industry, based on competitive checking and savings offerings. We rated them on criteria including annual percentage yields, minimum balances, fees, digital experience and more. Some of the providers are NerdWallet partners, but this did not influence our selection of the winner.

How we chose the winner:

The winning bank or credit union was the one with the highest rating in the ATM category. Factors evaluated include the number of ATMs available to consumers, fees and reimbursements of third-party ATM fees. In case of a tie, financial institutions were compared by category in the following order until one institution remained:

  • Checking (monthly fees were 50% of the rating, domestic ATMs 33.3%, interest rate 13.3% and required minimum opening deposit 3.3%).
  • Banking experience.
  • Does the bank offer unlimited international ATM rebates? (Yes/no)

How we verified our data:

NerdWallet writers and editors confirmed fees, rates, policies and other key features on each financial institution’s website. If an institution’s website was missing information, we contacted a representative directly for confirmation.