Best Bank or Credit Union for Online Experience

How we picked the companies to evaluate:

NerdWallet reviewed the top 25 financial institutions by domestic deposit assets, the top 25 by number of branches, the top 20 by search volume, the top 10 credit unions by membership, the top 10 credit unions by deposits, and emerging and notable players.

How we chose the winner:

The winning bank or credit union was the one with the top combined score in the Website Quality and App Store Ratings categories, determined by NerdWallet’s writers and editors. (For the Website Quality category, we considered whether users could intuitively find information on opening accounts, rates, fees, ATMs and branches. For App Store Ratings, we checked user ratings on each financial institution's iOS and Android apps.)
In case of a tie, banks and credit unions were compared by category in the following order until one institution remained:
  • Checking (monthly fees contributed to 50% of the rating, domestic ATMs 33.3%, interest rate 13.3% and required minimum opening deposit 3.3%).
  • Savings (interest rate contributed to 50% of the rating, monthly fees 23.3%, distinguishing features 13.3% and minimum opening deposit 13.3%; up to 16.6% extra credit was given for a sign-up bonus).

How we verified our data:

NerdWallet writers and editors confirmed fees, rates, policies and other key features on each financial institution’s website. If an institution’s website was missing information, we contacted a representative directly for confirmation.