Best Same-Day Term Life Insurance

How we picked the insurers to evaluate:

NerdWallet started with a list of the nation’s 50 largest life insurance companies (by premiums written) for individual life insurance in 2023, compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners using 2021 market share data. These companies collectively account for 87.75% of the market for individual life insurance in the United States, according to the NAIC.
We also considered life insurance companies with significant online search volume.
Some of the providers are NerdWallet partners, but this did not influence our selection of the winner.
We then narrowed the list to include only companies that offer the ability to buy term life policies online within 24 hours.

How we chose the winner:

NerdWallet evaluated each company's instant-approval term life insurance products across the following criteria:
  • Range of coverage amounts.
  • Range of term lengths.
  • Selection of riders.
  • State availability.
  • Pre-purchase accessibility of policy details.
  • Financial strength of the insurer.
  • NAIC complaint data for the insurer.

How we verified our data:

NerdWallet writers and editors confirmed policy details and other key features on each company's website. They also sent detailed questions to reviewed companies for clarification.