Best Mortgage Lender for FHA Loans

How we picked the lenders to evaluate:

NerdWallet reviewed the majority of the largest U.S. mortgage lenders by annual loan volume (lenders had to have at least a 1% market share). We focused on lenders that offered the following loans: purchase, refinance, jumbo, FHA, VA and/or HELOCs. In addition, we reviewed online lenders and small but growing lenders. We also considered lenders with significant online search volume and those that specialize in serving various audiences across the country. Some of the providers are NerdWallet partners, but this did not influence our selection of the winner.

How we chose the winner:

We started by pooling all of our reviewed lenders that offer FHA loans (20%). The winner(s) must dedicate at least 10% of their business to FHA lending (20%), offer four out of five online capabilities (full online application, document upload, loan-process tracking, e-signature and a mobile-responsive website) (20%), have low origination fees (20%) and offer at least two FHA products outside of the standard FHA purchase and refinance (20%). In the result of a tie, the winner(s) will be up to two lenders that offer the most programs/assistance for FHA borrowers.

How we verified our data:

NerdWallet solicits information from reviewed lenders on a recurring basis throughout the year. All lender-provided information is verified through lender websites and interviews. We also utilized 2019 HMDA data for origination fee and share-of-product data.